ZOX Pro Training System - Tap Into Your Inner Genius

In 10 minutes per day, you can fully activate the
'SUPER-CONSCIOUS'part of your brain to uncover amazing
natural talents and abilities that you didn't even know you had…


dot Unlock your built-in photographic

dot'Photograph' books at over 25,000+
words per minute (over 100 times the
average reading speed)

dotStore every single word in your long
term memory for LIFE, so you simply
cannot forget it

dotDramatically reduce stress

dotBecome much more effective, organized, and efficient


Richard Welch, PhD
"The Father of Mental
Founder of:
Subliminal Dynamics
Brain Management
CEO of Educom, Inc.

Mental Photography

Learn HOW to Learn
Brain Management

Hard to believe? Well it's all true! And this system is fully backed by over 35 years of research and development, and numerous self funded University studies...

Plus real world results from hundreds of thousands of happy and satisfied customers from all walks of life (including average people like you and me, plus doctors, teachers, psychologists and even 1 astronaut...) from all around the world, who have received the amazing benefits you are about to discover...

So you can be sure it will work for you too!

Just imagine knowing that you are finally tapping into the 'hidden' 98% of your brain power that up until now you haven't even been using (most people only ever use about 2% of their brain capacity…)

Just imagine the amazing things you will be able to accomplish when you finally awaken and unleash the full power of your sub-conscious mind! Devotees of this system can expect to only spend 10 minutes a day maintaining it once they have succeeded the training.

And the best part is, once you complete our program, not only will you be able to 'photograph' books in only a matter of minutes (literally 100 times the average reading speed), with 100% retention of that information for life (MUCH more effective than speed reading) …

You will also discover that all areas of your life will begin to flow much more easily for you…

Shannon Panzo,
"Zox Pro Training System"

So you can attract more wealth... better relationships... improved health... skyrocket your career... lose more weight and become happier than ever before!

In fact, by using our simple, step by step system, you will soon discover how to re-program your brain to bring you everything you have always wanted in your life!

…AND, the more you use your brain in these simple and specific ways, the more amazing things will happen for you… and much more often… it just keeps getting better and better the more you do it!


Warning:This Program Will Totally Change Your Life & Could Help You To Live The Life Of Your Dreams Quicker & Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible!

You see, this is unlike any "success" program you've ever heard of (much less bought). You've never experienced anything on this level before and there is nothing else like it in the world.

Based on a solid foundation of research and development and actual proven and tested results over the last 35 years… and founded on work deserving of a Nobel Prize… this information is totally unique and revolutionary in every way!

Why? Simply because once you have completed our easy to follow, step by step "Mental Photography" system, you can then use it as often as you want -- even if it's just for 9 minutes and 49 seconds per day -- to improve any area of your life!

"…Get Amazing Results In Under 10 Minutes A Day!"

In fact, when you use our simple set of daily exercises you'll immediately start to improve…

Your reading speed to over 25,000+ words per minute!

Increase your peripheral vision and awareness

Dramatically improve your concentration and focus

Boost your self esteem and self confidence

Reduce stress and become much more relaxed

Become much more organized and effective

Save a ton of time which can give you the freedom do more with your family and friends

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of the amazing benefits you will soon discover and enjoy!


From: Shannon Panzo & Richard Welch,

Dear Friend,

This could be the most important message you ever read in your life!

In just 231 minutes from now, you could have discovered the most powerful whole life enhancement system available on the planet today… that can show you exactly step by step how to fully unleash the UNLIMITED power of your 'Super Conscious' mind to bring you the life of your dreams quicker than you ever thought possible!

Or… you could fall into the sea of people who let yet another life-changing opportunity pass them by...

The choice is yours.

Let me explain,

For the first time ever, the exclusive training of Richard Welch, "the Father of Mental Photography", is now being made available world wide.

"...Until now, only the WEALTHY could afford this self-empowering training!"

We have taken all the best parts of Richard's teachings (Subliminal Dynamics, Brain Management, and Mental Photography) condensed them down into an exciting, easy-to-use new format called ZOX Pro. What this means is, you are getting the quickest, most effective, streamlined version of Richard's training ever before released!

...AND at only a fraction of the cost it has ever been sold at before!

So why are we doing this? Simply because Richard Welch is an optimistic humanitarian.

He knows that his trainings can help solve the problems that humankind is faced with today, just like it has done for the hundreds of thousands of people who have already experienced his amazing systems first hand.

Richard now wants the rest of the world to benefit from his lifelong search to 'Build the Better Brain'.

His trainings reveal simplistic technology that we are born with, but most people do little with -- a brain technology used by all of us as the underlying basis of all learning…

A Shockingly Simple To Use BUT Revolutionary Whole Brain Process Called Mental Photography!


…So How Did Mental Photography Come About AND How Can It Help You?

What began as a speed reading company owned by Richard Welch back in 1975, through a lot of research and development, very quickly turned into an amazing scientifically proven phenomenon, now known as Mental Photography, that allows you to do some incredible things…

Now before I go any further I must warn you that I am NOT wearing a straight jacket and I haven't missed my morning medication… because what I am about to share with you may be a little hard for some people to believe at first…

BUT, just bear in mind that all of this has been scientifically proven and tested again and again and again over the last 35 years, on multitudes of people… AND it is very real… AND it works!

…So What Is Mental Photography?

In essence, Mental Photography is your natural ability to tap into your Photographic Memory, and make it work for you. It is YOUR ultimate edge in life!

It is a natural learning process that everyone possesses that allows you to very rapidly take in books and information at levels way beyond speed reading…

You can become one of the 'elite super minds' and start tapping into your inner genius right away!

You will very quickly discover the advanced learning techniques that are so embarrassingly simple even 5 year olds can use them (and at this age, they do,… naturally!) that will allow you to learn new information at 100 times faster than the average reading speed!

So you will very quickly become a master at learning new information at warp speeds… Even if you have learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, ADD or ADHD!


Mental Photography actually by-passes Dyslexia and other problem areas that can cause trouble with focusing and reading … and directly uses the part of the brain that is actually made for soaking up information like a sponge!

Question: Did you know that
you only remember 50% of what you read the first time around … then you lose 90% of that information in just 48 hours?!

So that means you are only left with a measly 5% of all information you read… So for the mathematicians out there, you actually lose 95% in only 48 hours of reading something! …

With Mental Photography, you will...

Store information in your long-term memory 100% for life! You literally can't forget it…

Achieve a MINIMUM SPEED of 25,000+ words per minute - over 100 times faster than the average level of reading - to dramatically cut down your reading time

Be able to 'upload' a book into your long-term memory in a matter of minutes

Dramatically improve your lateral thinking and problem solving skills

his process is so powerful, it will feel like you have read something 100 times over!

…Best part is, you can do all this in only a matter of minutes!

You don't already have to be smart to do all of this because everybody is born with these natural talents… all you have to do is learn how to operate your inborn abilities…

AND you'll find out how embarrassingly SIMPLE all of this is, after I have taught you the proven and tested, step by step methods of exactly how to do it.

Just by using the Mental Photography process you will be able to fly through mountains of work by quickly photographing the material that you used to 'read' through.

Before you know it you'll have so much spare time on your hands you'll be starting work late and knocking off early to spend more time with your family, get together with friends, or just enjoy some time to relax.

Sounds nice doesn't it? Well, that's not all because you're about to discover…

"How Using Mental Photography Can Help You
To Get The Life Of Your Dreams!"

Let me explain by telling you the rest of Richard Welch's story…

So after using, testing, refining, and simplifying the Mental Photography process over a period of many years, Richard discovered that by using this process you are actually opening the pathway between your conscious and sub-conscious minds by Mentally Photographing books and information.

Our sub-conscious mind is the part of the brain that when you learn how to operate it properly, is absolutely UNLIMITED!

This is the hidden 'Secret' inside the classic book by Napoleon Hill called 'Think & Grow Rich'! And the movie called funnily enough "The Secret"… In plain English – Learn how to harness the unlimited power of your sub-conscious mind automatically by mentally creating anything that you desire!

Simply by using Mental Photography, you are actually turbo charging the part of your brain that works with The Secret Law Of Attraction… to put your powers of manifestation 100% into HYPER-DRIVE!

In laymans terms, we are handing to you on a silver platter an exact, scientifically proven, step by step process that you can use to 'attract' all the things that you have ever wanted in your life!

Some people have good things programmed in their mind, which means they attract good things into their life, while others have negative things programmed in their brain, which means they get negative results… and they are completely confused as to why they keep having bad things happen to them over and over again.

Isn't it time you learned how to break these limiting habits so you can stop victimising yourself?

Your brain is totally programmable
and completely unlimited!

So what that means to you is, you can take over the controls and reset the dials in your noggin to put you on course to ACHIEVING LITERALLY ANYTHING YOU DESIRE!

Best part is, we will show you step by step, exactly how you can do all this for yourself!

Here is a brief snapshot of the amazing things you'll be able to do after being exposed to Richard Welch's secret discoveries:

Learn at the speed of light using a natural learning process called Mental Photography that allows you to take in information at over 100 times faster than the average reading speed – to be exact, that is 25,000+ WPM… and faster!

Become better organized and much more productive

Train your brain so your memory is razor sharp - 100% retain information for the rest of your life and automatically remember things that were once forgotten

Achieve maximum concentration and never get distracted

Massively enhance your peripheral vision and eyesight

Re-program your brain to allow you to set your built-in 'Auto-Pilot' on course to achieving ANYTHING YOU DESIRE

Relax and reduce stress at will

Reduce the amount of sleep you need and wake up feeling great every day of the week… with more energy and enthusiasm then ever before

Discover YOUR BEST PATH, and easily stay on track to achieve all the results you desire in your life

Facilitate renewed health and wellness of your mind and body, simply by telling your mind to do it for you

Awaken your intuition and use it in your every day life to develop a heightened perception that can guide you towards your goals and dreams quicker than you ever thought possible!

Discover new methods of creative problem solving and lateral thinking (you can actually solve your toughest problems 'while you sleep!' Imagine how much more you will achieve when you set your mind to work overnight!)

Tune up your brain so you can work much smarter and not harder

Shatter negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs forever so you can take charge and move forward in all areas of your life to end your frustration forever

Dramatically improve your self esteem and gain unlimited confidence

Quickly and easily tap into the unlimited part of your brain that will allow you to truly unlock your unlimited potential

Harness the SECRET POWER that has allowed hundreds of thousands of people to achieve phenomenal results and major success in all areas of their lives (The very same secret the classic book Think and Grow Rich plus the smash hit movie 'The Secret' is based on) … AND …

Become increasingly happier!

Best part is, this is literally just skimming the surface of the amazing things you will soon discover!

But don't just take our word for it, listen to what other satisfied customers have to say…

ZOX Pro Testimonial Video - Click to Watch 

"Truly Unlimited Possibilites!"

"Has provided me with tools -- techniques to control stressful situations in my profession. Truly unlimited possibilities!"

-- Sam Nelson

(School Administrator, voted 1 of 5 top educators in the U.S.A)



"Manage Stress Naturally..."

"Learning the ability to accurately absorb and retain vast quantities of pertinent information is itself a remarkable feat which assures increasing one's confidence, self-esteem and marketability.

But learning how to relax and manage stress naturally provides a ten-fold increase in benefit for Subliminal / Mental Photographers.

What better way to be of service to our fellow humans and to simultaneously create a better life for ourselves than to introduce everyone to the benefits of the Subliminal Dynamics / Brain Management Process?"

-- Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D

(Founder, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Astronaut, 6th man on the moon)



"Expands The Space In Which I Think"

"I do all kinds of healing and growth using psychotherapy and this course helps all that.

(Mentally) Photographing books is literally expanding the space in which I think, my subconscious loves it...it's just like eating cookies!

... Every book I (Mentally) Photograph gives me more and more options and possibilities"

-- Dr. Caroline Whidmer




"He was failing school due to learning disabilities.... Now he is coming home with 100% "

Click the above image to view the video.



"The Things I Can Do Now Are Phenomenal!"

"The amount of information I can retain is phenomenal, even my vocabulary has grown"...I have 'prophesy dreams' where things I dream about vividly actually happen days or weeks later...

I've (Mentally) Photographed books and had discussions with people who've read the book immediately... if they open the book and read a line I can then recall the next line and discuss the book with them... about 95% accuracy with comprehension... incredible this natural ability that we all have"




"Enlightenment - Has Transformed
My Life In Just Days!"

"I'm more self confident and have an enhanced sense of well being ...major steps in money and relationships... totally trust my own intuition... the course has transformed and enlightened my life in just a couple of days"



"100% Comprehension at 52,000 WPM"

"I learned how to link the conscious with the subconscious mind...this is the ruling influence in your body, your attitude, your outlook, your measure of success, it's the power behind your mind... and it can be reprogrammed.

My biggest surprise was when I was tested at 52,000 word per minute and had 100% comprehension"

-- Dr.E.Jackson Stockwell

(Chiropractor and Radio Talk Show host)




"I'm More Relaxed, Organised and Productive"

"I used Subliminal / Mental Photography on all my technical material. I am more relaxed, my confidence level has increased, and I am more organized and productive."

-- Leanette Merrell

(Manager of Data Processing, US West Communications)



"I Can Take My Profession
To A New Level"

"Without question I have gained new skills to take my professional and personal life to a new level."

-- Geoffrey Zimpfer

(National Trainer for Anthony Robbins)



"Enhances Knowledge for My Career and Life"

"This program gives me the tools to enhance my knowledge for my career and life, especially Mental Photography® and Dream Programming."

-- Ali Yusoff

(Chief Executive Officer)




"This course itself is revolutionary. It definitely has opened my eyes to a lot of new things and has thus increased my confidence level."

-- Lau Boon King

(Company Director)



"A Must Do For Every Professional"

"The program is excellent at accelerating absorption of the material. I will find it tremendously useful in my practice as well as in my personal life. Must do for any professional."

-- Dr. Sundardas

(Naturopathic Physician)



"I Can Reprogram Anything"

"I have gained an awareness of tools and techniques available to me to change my life. I can reprogram anything!"

-- Jason Miller

(Williamsburg, Virginia)



"Saves Time Reading Technical Materials"

"In my hectic and tiring profession (working with aircraft), I now need less time to handle whole piles of technical manuals."

-- John Chia Kwok

(Senior Technician, RSAF)



"Forget Reading - Get New Information
Better & Faster"

"This is very practical to my well being and allows me to grow beyond what is conscious reading -- with which I have been long disappointed -- to a new approach to obtaining information better and faster."

-- Cheng Yew Chung

(Creative Manager)



"Improved Confidence & Self Image... More Relaxed and Alert..."

"I found a marked increase in my observation powers.

I feel more relaxed and alert, and I get up feeling fresh, which I've not experienced for a very, very long time!

I am more confident and my self image, as observed by others, has increased."

-- Jasvinder Kaur

(Law Lecturer)



"Easily Surpasses Your Wildest Expectations!"

"Whether the motivation is personal growth or professional advancement, the Brain Management course easily surpasses your wildest expectations.

In two words -- IT'S PHENOMENAL!"

-- Mariann Zanardo

(Glendale Heights, Illinois)



And this is just a very small fraction of the hundreds of thousands of REAL testimonials we have received over the last 35 years!

So, now that you've seen the undeniable PROOF that this system works, you're probably wondering exactly what you'll get when you order the ZOX Pro Training system:


Here's an Overview of What You'll Get
When You Invest in the ZOX Pro Training System Today:


Module 1 – Introduction To The Amazing Secret Discoveries Of Richard Welch, The Father of Mental Photography PLUS Einstein's Distraction Index

(Run Time - 59 minutes and 36 seconds)
Value $77

In the first ZOX Pro Training module, Richard Welch reveals all the amazing unique talents and abilities that you are about to awaken and unleash from within… You will be given all the benefits of the ZOX Pro Training system plus a glimpse of the exciting new discoveries and changes that you are about to make!

Richard then leads you step by step through Albert Einstein's "Distraction Index", a simple but EXTREMELY effective exercise that gives you 100% laser targeted focus and concentration…

This simple system gives you bullet proof armour against distractions and helps you to achieve much more in a very short period of time, simply by eliminating the things that used to divert your focus and erode your productivity. Extremely powerful stuff!


Module 2 – How To Tap Into And Heighten Your Intuition, Perception And Peripheral Vision Using A Little Known Secret Technique That You Can Do In Under 2 Minutes

(Run Time - 20 minutes and 45 seconds) Value $77

Richard Welch reveals to you a little known technique that you can do in under 2 minutes every day to dramatically increase your awareness and perception, turbo charge your intuition, and enhance your visualization abilities quicker than you ever thought possible.


Module 3 – How To Relax And Reduce Stress At Will, PLUS Program Your Mind To Manifest Success In All Areas Of Your Life By Harnessing The Power Of The Secret Law Of Attraction

(Run Time - 26 minutes and 43 seconds) Value $77

This exciting module literally gives you the keys to the kingdom!

Richard will guide you through the exact steps you need to take to re-program your sub-conscious mind, to make all the changes you want to make, and to bring to you 'On Auto Pilot' all the things you want to have in your life…

Improved health, more money, better relationships (even attract your ideal life partner), lose weight… You name it and you will be self empowered to create it!

It really is life changing and NOT TO BE MISSED!

You will also discover how to let go of all the stress you are currently experiencing and learn exactly how to relax more deeply!

Module 4 – Your Introduction To Mental Photography… Discover How To Soak Up Information At 25,000+ Words Per Minute PLUS Tap Into Your Natural Photographic Memory Abilities… So You Literally Cannot Forget New Information

(Run Time - 43 minutes and 56 seconds) Value $77

Get ready to become a genius overnight!

This amazing module reveals to you the phenomenal natural learning process called Mental Photography.

Richard will lead you skilfully through the simple steps to mastering Mental Photography… and by doing this process you will be opening up the neural pathways between your conscious and sub-conscious minds… which means you will be tapping into the truly UNLIMITED part of your brain! And the more you use it, the more powerful you will become…

This is quite possibly the most amazing discovery you will ever make in your life! (I know it was for me)


Module 5 – Steps To Rapidly Advancing Your Mental Photography Skills

(Run Time - 15 minutes and 21 seconds) Value $77

You will discover more about the Mental photography process and will advance your skills by 'Photographing' new material. Remember, the more you use the process the better your results will be!

Dr Maxwell Maltz told us in his phenomenal book Psycho Cybernetics, that after doing something for 30 days it then becomes a habit… Well let me tell you, the smart people who use Mental Photography and the ZOX Pro Training system for 30 days so it becomes a habit, are the ones who reap benefits beyond their wildest dreams!

This truly is the key to achieving massive success…

Module 6 – Mental Photography And Safe Guarding Yourself Against Subliminal Advertising

(Run Time - 18 minutes and 21 seconds) Value $77

You may or may not know this, but advertisers have been using subliminal symbols, messages and other little known, under handed advertising techniques since 1954… Why? Simply because they are extremely powerful and advertisers want you to buy whatever they are selling!

You MUST know this information to avoid being ruled by unscrupulous advertisers ever again…

Module 7 – How To Trigger Mentally Photographed Information To Your Conscious Mind With 100 Times The Impact Of Reading

(Run Time - 35 minutes and 53 seconds) Value $77

In the previous modules you have discovered how to store information in your long term memory (a part of your sub-conscious mind), with 100% retention for life (that means you can't forget it!), at 25,000+ WPM (which is extremely fast)…

Now, in this exciting module you will be given different techniques for 'triggering' that information to your conscious mind… Which means, you will know exactly what you have photographed with 90% - 95% comprehension…

In fact, you will 'know' the information on such a deep level that you will 'feel' like you have 'always' known it (sometimes you even get the feeling that you wrote it yourself… Now that's powerful!)


Module 8 – Wrap Up And Review Of What You Have Learned, PLUS How To Get The Most Out Of The ZOX Pro Training System

(Run Time - 11 minutes and 46 seconds)
Value $77

In this final module Richard Welch ties everything together for you, plus he gives you a clear path to follow to make sure you get the most of out of using the ZOX Pro Training system to help you create the life of your dreams!




You will receive 4 special recordings from Richard Welch that are each designed to guide you through a deep relaxation exercise… which will help you to let go of stress quicker and easier than you ever thought possible… PLUS will recharge your batteries and give you more energy than you've had in years!

Each of these special recordings also target different aspects of the Mental Photography process, which means your ability to 'Photograph' books at 25,000+ WPM will be dramatically improved purely on auto-pilot… simply by listening to these amazing recordings!

What's even better, there are NO subliminals in them whatsoever! So you can be safe and secure that the information you are getting is 100% beneficial and fully designed to help you get the best results possible!

PLUS, your self esteem will be greatly improved automatically at the same time!




In this amazing e-book you will be exposed to a collection of inspired writings designed to give you little known insights that can help you to master your own mind and really accelerate all areas of your life… Simply by harnessing the unlimited power of your brain!




The Law Of Attraction is operating 100% of the time, whether you are aware of it or not… NOW is the time for you to become fully aware of it and use it to your own benefit!

In this amazing e-book you will discover exactly what the Law Of Attraction is, how it works… BUT more importantly, how you can use it to help you achieve success in your own life!


NOW, to say you're getting some quality "bang for your buck" doesn't even begin to describe what I'm offering you here. Sure, you're getting over $887 in total value when you add up each of the 8 modules and the fast action bonuses...

Not to mention the fact that the eBrain Management Executive Seminar (the basis for much of the ZOX Pro Training system) has been taught for $2,997 in the past…

BUT, the real value for you is in the astonishing results you'll achieve once you use the system!

The course itself is quite unlike anything else on the market today, which really makes it priceless. If you had to put a lifetime value on it, it would easily be worth tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars.

But Richard told me "this is my gift to the world, and we have to literally give it away… give until it hurts" (And let me tell you the figure we finally decided on really does give me physical pain… Ouch…)

So today, we are practically giving this life altering training to you for JUST $197!

But you had better be quick, because I am not very happy with Richard selling his life's work (that really is worthy of a Nobel Prize!) for such a small fraction of what it is really worth… and I am not sure how long I will agree to keep the price this low!

There's more...

Now I know you're still maybe thinking that you can't risk $197 to give this a go... I understand 100%. There's so much garbage on the web at the moment I have problems trusting people too.

This is why I've decided to take all the risk away from you and guarantee your success with...

Your Iron-Clad, 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee


Here's Your 100%

Iron-Clad, Risk-Free

Money-Back Guarantee!

This exclusive package is fully backed by our cast iron, 100% Money Back Guarantee*

Here's how it works:

If you use the ZOX Pro Training System, I'm absolutely certain that you will have amazing results. It even comes with a 60 day money back guarantee (that's over 8 weeks).

However, if for some reason you don't experience the same results that hundreds of thousands of people before you have enjoyed, simply let us know and you can have your money refunded.

Simple as that!

Now, with my complete money back guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose!


Yes, Count Me In Right Now! I'm Ready To Tap Into My Natural Photographic Memory And Discover How To Learn New Information At The Speed Of Light Using The ZOX Pro Training System!

I understand that for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, I can get the ZOX Pro Training System Plus all the 3 bonuses (Total Value $887) for just one low payment of $197!

And I also understand that my order is 100% risk free

with a 60 day money back guarantee ! (that's over 8 weeks)


Click Here To Order Now

As soon as your payment is authorized (this usually takes less than a minute), you will be given instructions on how to access the ZOX Pro Training system, and the accompanying bonuses.


To Your Unlimited Potential and Success,


Shannon Panzo
Zox Pro Training System

P.S. Remember, you're getting everything you need to start tapping into your natural photographic memory and your inner genius today! You will be given a scientifically proven, step by step, exact process that hundreds of thousands of people have had amazing results with, so you can be sure it will work for you too! (A proven path to success… It really doesn't get any better than that!)




All this, not to mention that we've taken all the risk away from you with our Iron Clad, 100% Risk FREE Money-Back Guarantee. This is your chance to use a system that's transformed countless lives. A system you can use on yourself, time and time again. But you must decide to ORDER NOW.

P.P.S. And even though Richard Welch and I have agreed for the time being to sell the ZOX Pro Training System at such a ridiculously small fraction of what it is really worth, there is no telling how long the price will remain this low. So you had really better take action today! Don't delay any longer…



P.P.P.S. If you're still unsure, just check out what these independent reviewers had to say… (and don't forget we've already taught literally hundreds of thousands of happy and satisfied people over the last 35 years! ...)


"Truly Life Changing...
Nothing is Impossible!"

"The best program I have ever used.

Truly, it's the mother of all courses. It's truly life changing.

No words can describe the profound effect it has on me. At the end of the course, I felt like a changed person.

To sum it up, nothing is impossible!"

-- Chan Chun Kit

(Chief Internal Auditor)



"An Invaluable Tool Anyone Can Use"

"I now know that this course is an invaluable tool that can be used by just about anybody to further their quest for a better life!"

-- Bob Allwright

(President of Brilliant Attitude)



"More Energy, More Productive, More Focused"

"Enhanced energy, improved attitude, more productive, loss of lethargy, better focused."

-- Gail Scott

(Bank Manager)



"Courage and Motivation To Reach My Potential"

"It has given me the motivation and courage to believe in myself and my potential. Makes me realize how much of our brain is not utilized."

-- Mohamed Nazir Yusof

(Insurance Manager)



"Realize Higher Productivity"

"You will learn about Mental Photography, programming yourself from stress, and realize higher productivity."

-- Roger Reiling

(President, Colorado State Independent Banking Assoc.)



"Now My Success Is Assured"

"It has motivated me to take complete charge of my life and know that through using the processes, success is assured."

-- Rosalind Tay

(Legal Secretary)



"Improved Concentration"

"It taught me how to concentrate on a specific thing without my mind wandering."

-- William Worth

(Insurance Executive)



"It Is The Tool I've Been Praying For..."

"It is the tool I have been praying for to move from my limited perceptions to the unlimited!"

-- Jacqueline Graham